boat tours portland maineSail Portland Maine is proud to provide the best boat tours Portland Maine has to offer, with various types of cruises and options to ensure there is something for everyone!

There are some common questions we are frequently asked prior to our sailing trips, which we have compiled and answered for you below. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact us directly!

How long are the sails?

Sails generally last two hours for public and specialty sails. Longer trips are available upon request.

What should we bring?

Any food or beverage you like. The boat will have complimentary bottles of water onboard. BYOB!!

Is gratuity included?

If you have a great time onboard, feel free to show it. This is still a tourism/service based industry where 15-20% tip is common. The captain and crews will greatly appreciate it.

What happens if it rains at the time of my sail?

We typically continue our sails in a shower or light drizzle, but will usually cancel the sail in a steady rain or downpour that would make the trip uncomfortable. *See cancellation/rescheduling policy

What do I wear?

Dress as you would for walking around town, but be sure to bring an extra sweater/sweatshirt and a windbreaker with you. If you’re “on the fence” about shorts versus long pants…go with the long pants. Also useful is a baseball type cap with visor, sunglasses (polarized are best) and sunscreen. Don’t forget your camera! 

May we bring along food and/or alcoholic beverages?

Yes, you may bring along any food, beer or wine. 

Is there a bathroom aboard?

Yes, but it is very small. There are public restrooms very near the piers at the marina from which our boats leave.

How many people can we bring?

The boat’s maximum capacity is 6 guests.

Are tours handicap accessible?

Canes and walkers are fine on the boat, though a foldable walker may be best if it is an option. Wheelchairs are not able to fit on the boat. 

Will we see wildlife?

Expect to experience the beauty of the Maine coast, we may see lighthouses (at least two in the inner harbor), seals, seabirds and the coastline. It is very unlikely to see whales on our trips.

Do I need to be concerned about seasickness?

As we stay in the calm waters of Casco Bay, you can expect to experience smooth sailing! We do not sail in the open, unprotected ocean so seasickness is uncommon on our two-hour sails. If you are very susceptible to seasickness, taking preventative medication is at your own discretion.

Can I smoke onboard?

There is no smoking of any kind allowed at any time. 


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