Enter Sail Portland Maine’s Slogan Contest

sunset cruises portland maine

At Sail Portland Maine, we are getting ready for our inaugural 2019 summer sailing season, and there is a lot to do. We have been delving into the social media marketing world, networking face-to-face, and learning how to manage websites all on top of learning the intricacies of running a new small business.

What we have found is that a good small business needs many things to get started and to feel as if you’re getting it right. On top of a good website, eye-catching literature, and everyone just wanting to book trips with you right this moment, you also need a solid logo and a catchy slogan. What we seem to be lacking is the slogan, and with our brains so focused on other aspects of the business, we are putting the challenge out to our customer base.

We will be holding a slogan contest to see who can come up with the catchiest of catchphrases and earn their spot in Sail Portland Maine history. Don’t worry, that isn’t all we are going to reward you with!

On top of the fame and glory of being our witty slogan creator, we are going to give you two tickets to one of our Saturday sunset sails. Truly the best sunset cruises Portland Maine has to offer, these come with fresh Maine oysters and a couple bottles of wine to enjoy through the duration of your trip.

We will be posting the contest rules soon on this blog and across all social media platforms. We’ll be looking forward to having a good laugh at what you guys send in!

There will be two other winner categories, “Best Pun” and “Worst Slogan,” so be sure to give it your best shot. Have fun with it but also take it seriously, you salty dogs.

Captain Ian