Hitting the Old Port? 8 Best Stops on Fore Street

fore street portland me

Once a quaint, sleepy fishing town, Portland Maine is now topping lists of must-see travel destinations. The Old Port, Portland’s notorious downtown area, serves as a main attraction for both tourists and locals alike, with one of the most popular streets being Fore Street, the heart of Portland ME. There you’ll find everything from bars to boutique shops and then some.

Keep reading for our mini guide on the 8 best stops along Fore Street!

1. Gritty McDuffs

Gritty’s is a classic Portland watering hole, complete with a full bar and more beer options than you’ll know what to do with. This location is the flagship for the local brewpub that’s well-known across the state. It’s a down-to-earth atmosphere and is perfect for an app and a drink.

2. Central Provisions

Central Provisions is a tiny restaurant located right where the cobblestones start on Fore Street. If you can make it in before it gets too jam-packed, you’ll be golden. The inside boasts a rustic-cool vibe, and they serve a mean cocktail to go along with your mouth watering small plates.

3. Miyake

This restaurant is notorious for being the freshest Japanese cuisine and sushi in town, with food sourced from the owner’s own farm. The chef prepares each dish with such precision, it looks like art. While you’re in town, keep an eye out for sister restaurant Pai Men Miyaki, which is located in the West End and serves big, steaming bowls of Ramen.

4. Vena’s Fizz House

Vena’s is a unique cocktail bar that is known for its housemade artisanal sodas, used in their drinks (and sold by the bottle, should you so desire). This is definitely a one -of-a-kind stop!

5. Fore Street Restaurant

Fore Street Restaurant is a beautiful upscale dining experience, perfect for an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion. Make sure you get a reservation for this one, as they are so popular they tend to book out in advance!

6. Old Port Candy Co.

This store will make you feel just like a kid again! With basically ever candy you’ve ever heard of, plus an incredible selection of nostalgia-inducing classics, we can almost guarantee you won’t leave empty-handed.

7. Nine Stones Spa

There is no better way to unwind then at a peaceful, serene spa. With professional services such as deep tissue massages, body scrubs, facials and more, Nine Stones is an ideal way to spend a few hours – or even a full afternoon, if you should be so lucky!

sail portland maine8. Sail Portland Maine

Last but not least, us! That’s right – the reason we know Fore Street so intimately is because that’s where we dock the Eleanor Hawkes. A chartered sail in the stunning Casco Bay is an incredible way to begin or end your Fore Street exploration, so come enjoy a beverage, take in the views and relax on one of our cruises!

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